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Licensed Roofing and Home Improvement Contractor

Revitalize or repair your current home or place of business with help from Virginia Woodcrafts, Inc. With total-service roofing solutions and construction services, we should be your number one choice for roof repairs, roof remodels, and general home improvement. Find out why our team is coveted across Williamsburg for customer-centric contracting that aims to simply get the job done.

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The Solution for All Roofing

First and foremost, Virginia Woodcrafts is roofing-focused, as well as licensed, bonded, and insured for contract work. We will finish just about anything you can imagine that you need to be fixed or remodeled on your roof, which is why we consider ourselves a total-service roofing contractor. This includes roof repairs, roof remodels, skylight installations and more. Our experience goes far beyond just asphalt roofing as well. Metal, ceramic, or even composite roofing is an available option when you work with us.

Your Source for Home Improvement

You wouldn't expect a roofing company to be able to fix your window as well, but when you choose us you'll learn we are so much more than just a roofing company. When storms come, they can damage more to your property than just the roof. Get the relief you need from one source and don't worry about having to call 5 different contractors for all your repairs or home remodels. We'll be able to talk to you about any home improvement ideas when we come to do your free estimate. You'll also be delighted to hear that we do not require deposits for us to begin working with you.
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Our Client Commitment

Our expectation of every job we do is to fulfill the complete satisfaction of every client we have. The Williamsburg area has been relying upon Virginia Woodcrafts since 1989, and today is no different. Local clients choose us because of our no-hassle free estimates, where we have an actual human being go out and look at your requests for repair or remodel. You can also expect our work to be completed with no deposits necessary, you can trust in us.